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Mad squad

Meet our channel as u can understand from z name we r a bit of "kuku" join us and have fun " don't join if ur ass is gone leave "
we're always open for cross promotion contact us

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Телеграм канал «Mad squad» @whocares23 (5137 подписчиков). Добавлен в каталог 15 Октября 2020. Категория ❌ Не определено. Открыть в: Telegram | в web версии | Ссылка в каталоге: https://tgram.me/whocares23 | Телеграм ссылка: https://t.me/whocares23

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15 Октября 2020 10:27
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25 Октября 2020 07:06
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Keep using “🥺” and I’ll choke you up against a wall


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girls be like " 🥺 " and then give you trust issues for the rest of your life


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Shoutout to my Dick for always standing up for me😎


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"Everybody has a nice thing to say about you. You just have to die first"
- J. Cole


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📌IPhone 7+\8\8+\ x (packed)
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⛄️different color
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Join @gebeyast

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Are your nasty

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