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The official Telegram on Telegram. Much recursion. Very Telegram. Wow.

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Телеграм канал «Telegram News» публичная ссылка: @telegram добавлен в каталог 10 декабря 2021 года в категорию «Телеграм». На канал подписано 6 465 035 человек. Язык обнаруженный на канале: English. Каналу добавлены метки: Telegram, Новости. Дата создания канала: 21 сентября 2015 года. Последнее обновление информации(аватар, название, описание) в каталоге: 12 сентября 2022 года.

Подписчики: 6 465 035
Категория: Телеграм
Языки: English
Метки: Telegram, Новости
Дата создания: 21 сентября 2015 года в 05:14

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For all the new features from this update – like redesigned login pages and new phone number links – check out our full blog post:

March Features: 1234 • More

2.4M 12:05

Turn your group or channel into a TV station – live streams now support software like OBS Studio and XSplit to integrate multiple inputs, graphics and overlays.

Select ‘Start With’ in the Live Stream menu to copy the stream key for your preferred app.

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2.2M 0:18

The Android app has a new look in night mode, with transparent headers that subtly show stickers and media as you scroll past.

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1.8M 0:19

When selecting multiple media items, tap selected’ to preview the message and reorder media before sending.

On iOS, the attachment menu has a new interface with a navigation bar to easily switch between attachment types (like on the Android app).

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2.0M 0:18

Telegram’s latest update adds a new tab in Search to manage active downloads and recent files. When downloading files, tap the ⬇️ icon in your chat list to get there.

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2.0M 0:13

Telegram's multi-national team includes many members from Ukraine. We all wish for an immediate end to the conflict. In these troubled times, we find consolation in the fact that our work at Telegram helps people get quick access to critical information – from verified official statements to airstrike alerts that bring civilians to safety. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this war.

We will continue improving Telegram's ability to connect people in areas with limited coverage and withstand service disruptions.

4.7M 10:27

For all the features and details from this update – like new interactive emoji and a boatload of bug fixes – check out our full blog post:

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5.4M 11:16

When jumping through channels or moving between chats, press and hold the ‘Back’ button to return to a specific chat.

Opening chats from forwarded messages, links, usernames or profiles adds them to the navigation menu.

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3.9M 0:08

Reactions have compact animations that play in real time for everyone in the chat.

They also have read status – you can jump to unseen reactions by tapping the new ♡ button in chat.

Plus 5 new emoji 🥰🤯🤔🤬👏 for reactions and interactive emoji.

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3.1M 0:14

Telegram’s latest update adds a new way to easily create animated stickers from video files.

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2.7M 0:13

For all the features, details and video demos from this update – including new interactive emoji and updated macOS menus, check out our full blog post:

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4.5M 12:04

You can generate QR codes for any users that have a public username – as well as for public groups, channels and bots.

Tap the QR code icon next to the username of a person or chat, customize its appearance, then share it in any app.

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3.8M 0:13