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Телеграм канал «SpaceX» @spacex (5431 подписчик). Добавлен в каталог 15 Октября 2020. Категория ❌ Не определено. Открыть в: Telegram | в web версии | Ссылка в каталоге: https://tgram.me/spacex | Телеграм ссылка: https://t.me/spacex

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Dark and Quiet Skies for Science and Society - Online workshop Satellite Constellations

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Starlink invites are going out!

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Crew-1 Mission Update Teleconference
Welcome to the r/SpaceX Crew-1 Mission Media Teleconference ThreadThis is your r/SpaceX host team a random redditor who really shouldn't remind the mod team about stuff at the last minute, bringing you live coverage of this conference! Also here's a 🎃 Crew-1 pumpkin.Quick FactsQuickFactsDate28th October 2020Time4pm ET, 20:00 UTCQuestionsTimelineTimeUpdate T-0 daysThread postedTimelineBriefing participants:Kathy Lueders, Associate Administrator, Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, WashingtonSteve Stich, Manager, Commercial Crew Program, NASA’s Johnson Space Center, HoustonHans Koenigsmann, Vice President, Build and Flight Reliability, SpaceX, Hawthorne, CaliforniaWebcastsNASA TV on YoutubeLinks & ResourcesComing soonParticipate in the discussion!First of all, launch threads are party threads! We understand everyone is excited, so we relax the rules in these venues. The most important thing is that everyone enjoy themselvesPlease constrain the launch party to this thread alone. We will remove low effort comments elsewhere!Real-time chat on our official Internet Relay Chat (IRC) #SpaceX on SnoonetPlease post small launch updates, discussions, and questions here, rather than as a separate post. Thanks!Wanna talk about other SpaceX stuff in a more relaxed atmosphere? Head over to r/SpaceXLounge

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How a tiny bit of lacquer grounded new Falcon 9 rockets for a month (ArsTechnica)

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via reddit https://ift.tt/37NmrmE Ars Technica How a tiny bit of lacquer grounded new Falcon 9 rockets for a month "Rocketry is tough and requires a lot of attention to detail."

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