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Cause the sketches of the life are never expected its street.


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Последние посты

I'm not ignoring you,
I just love to see,
the way how hard you try,
every single time,
to get my attention.


747 22:00

You know,
what's expensive ?

It's when,
you love someone,
but don't get it back.


844 14:00

I know,
I'm replaceable,
but you know what ?

It's doesn't matter to me,
I just don't care.


905 15:00

Thank you,
for taking away,
my feelings.

Thank you,
for making me,
fall apart.

Thank you,
for upgrading,
the better version of me.


992 15:00

We're two persons,
with two personalities;
too bad,
we're just,
too different.

Like a triangle,
and a circle—
we couldn't accept,
and at the end,
we messed us up.


583 06:00

If I'd apologized,
it's because,
I'm used to that.

But it doesn't always mean,
I was wrong or sorry.


467 08:00

I've a huge list for people,
who'd make me happy,
but really,
that's only a piece of paper,
I carry around.


531 10:00

Do you know,
what's scary about the winds ?

They have stormed within them,
like all the time;
even now.

But they pretend,
to be mild and lovely—
just like you were.


512 12:00

I've that kind of sadness,
that's harder,
to find the source of;
which now,
I don't even try anymore.


479 14:00