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Crucial Collocations 🧩

Advanced and Natural Collocations can guarantee you 7+ in Speaking and Writing


SUSPEND + Action

OUTDATED + Attitude




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Slang of the Day


a disastrous collapse, esp. of a market or an economy

For example

🔺Investing in the stock market is always risky, as many people learnt in the 2008 market meltdown.

🔺If there's an economic meltdown, many companies will go out of business and many people will lose their jobs.


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Learning English News Review [27-10-2020]
Harry and Meghan to make shows with Netflix
Catherine and Rob have the vocabulary you need to talk about this story.


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Business Daily [28-10-2020]
The nuclear industry dreams small
Could the future of nuclear power be the mass production of cheap small modular reactors?Justin Rowlatt visits a UK-based consortiu


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#Grammar time

💠 O’rin-joy predloglari (prepositions of location/place) ga asosan AT, IN va ON predloglari misol bo’la oladi. Bu predloglar narsa-buyum yoki shaxsning joylashuvini anglatadi. Har bir predlogni alohida ko’rib chiqamiz:

❇️ AT – “yonida” deb tarjima qilinadi. Ko’pincha o’zbek tilidagi “-da” qo’shimchasiga to’g’ri keladi. AT predlogi qatnashgan iboralarga e’tibor bering:

at the door – eshik yonida
at home – uyda
at the desk – parta yonida
at the lesson – darsda
at the window – deraza yonida
at the cinema – kinoteatrda
at the church – cherkov yonida
at the hotel – mehmonxonada
at the tree – daraxt yonida
at the bus-stop – avtobus bekatida

❇️ IN – “ichida” deb tarjima qilinadi. IN predlogi narsa-buyum yoki shaxsning joylashuvini biror narsaning ichida ekanligini bildiradi. IN predlogi bilan ifodalangan iboralarni diqqat bilan o’rganib chiqing va predlogning ishlatilishiga e’tibor bering:

in the box – quti ichida
in a magazine – jurnalda
in the hotel – mehmonxonada
in the room – xonada
in the newspaper – gazetada
in the book – kitobda
in Uzbekistan – O’zbekistonda
in my mouth – og’zimda
in the water – suvda
in the garden – bog’da

❇️ ON – “ustida” deb tarjima qilinadi. ON predlogi narsa-buyum yoki shaxsning yuzaga nisbatan joylashuvini bildiradi. “Yuzaga nisbatan” deyilganda, masalan, stol usti (yuzasi)da, devor (yuzasi)da, shift (yuzasi)da kabi joylashuvlar tushinilishi kerak. ON predlogi qatnashgan iboralarni o’qing:

on the table – stol ustida
on the roof – tomda
on horseback – otda
on a bus – avtobusda
on the left – chapda
on the carpet – gilamda
on page – sahifada
on the wall – devorda
on the ceiling – shiftda
on the way – yo’lda


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📎📎 Grammar Lesson 📎📎

🛑Parts of Speech - Prepositions🛑 part two: (part one is replied to with this very post)

🔻 With:

anything in hand; accompanied by; descriptive of; converse with

🔹 She opened the box with a knife.
🔹 We went to the theater with our friends.
🔹 She wore a hat with a flower on it.
🔹 He discussed the idea with his boss.

🔻 To:

directly; to a place or to a person

🔹 We walked to the store.
🔹 He spoke to his mother.
🔹 He gave it to me.
🔹 We drove to San Francisco.

🔻 By:

how; by what method; by what person; by what time or date

🔹 It was repaired by a mechanic.
🔹 She improved her English by practicing.
🔹 He got there by bus.
🔹 By next week it should be completed.
🔹 It was written by Roberta Cohaney.

🔻 Against:

positioned against; opposed to a principle or an idea

🔹 He stood against the wall.
🔹 She was against busing children to school.
🔹 It is against her principles to cheat on a test.
🔹 They were against their daughter's marrying Fred


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Slang of the Day

💠nick (1) 🇬🇧

to steal something

For example

🔺I left my bike in front of the bank while I went inside to pay some bills. When I came back out it was gone. Some bastard had nicked it!

🔺Did you ever nick money from your mum's purse when you were a kid?

This word is usually used for minor thefts by kids or petty criminals, not major thefts by professional criminals or corrupt politicians, government officials and businessmen.

This is typically used in British English but may be used in other varieties of English too.


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How to Improve English Grammar - Tips to Learn English Grammar Faster


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