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is generally used for four wheelers 🚗🚒🚐 whereas ride is for two/three wheelers 🛴🚲🛵 or animals 🐫🐘🐎.


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The Cappadocia region of Turkey is also the most popular location in the world for hot air ballooning. It is one of few places in the world you can balloon almost all year round.

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The most popular questions to me:

Was it frightening?
- Not at all! The flight was very smooth and really exciting!

How many people are there in the basket?
- 20 people.

How many balloons were there?
- Around 80, but there can be up to 160!

Do they fly every day?
- It depends on the weather. Our first flight was canceled because it was too windy.

Would you like to fly in a hot air balloon?

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👋 Hi there

If you can understand this, thank your English teacher and join
SL English Speaking Club online.

ESC is a friendly community of nice people from around the world.

We get together weekly to discuss interesting topics, share our experiences, improve English and have fun.

If you want to join us, text to @SLEnglisheverydaybot to find out how to do it.


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In our previous meeting we spoke about


The most common pets are dogs and cats

Are you a cat lover to a dog lover?

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313 13:30

If you have a pet, you would be interested to know how it describes you. Have fun and share your nicknames in the comments!

My cats call me My Loyal Snack Giver 😹 and that’s true!

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