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Bifrost Released a New White Paper

🔹The new white paper describes Bifrost from market overview, implementation plan, typical business, economic model, roadmap.

🔹It also announces the objective of economic model design, describes the basic characteristics of vToken, introduces the distribution structure and other details of Bifrost Native Coin (BNC).

Details 👉 https://bit.ly/37PFqx4

2.4K 16:00

DeFiner Offers the Possibility to Earn With Interest Rate up to 60%

🔹Users can now deposit their FIN tokens into the DeFiner Savings Pool and earn interest rate as high as 60%.

🔹The DeFiner savings pool is a safe home for parking unused capital. DeFiner encourages users to use the DeFiner savings pool as a home for their capital, where they can feel safe, relax, and also earn a great return.

👉 https://tgram.me/DeFinerNews/55

2.6K 17:01

OKEx Leads the BTC & ETH Futures Markets by Daily OI

According to the data from CryptoRank, OKEx leads both, Bitcoin and Ethereum futures markets by daily open interest:

BTC Futures OI - $997M
ETH Furure OI- $255M

Derivatives analytics
👉 https://cryptorank.io/derivatives-analytics

2.4K 18:01

📈Market Overview

Following an impressive rally that took Bitcoin above its 2019 high, the market went through a massive correction. More than $17 billion were deleted from the Bitcoin capitalization, as it lost about $1000 in hours.

The decline crashed the BTC price from its new 2020 high of $13,826 to below the $13,000 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. The price traded as low as $12,899. Recently, there was a recovery wave above the $13,000 and $13,200 levels.

Red dominates the altcoin market as most coins have followed Bitcoin on the way down. Ethereum has dropped by approximately 4% and trades below $400. Polkadot (-8.13%) and Litecoin (+4.9%) are the most significant losers from the top 10.

Market capitalization: $411.00B (-5.18%)
The BTC dominance: 59.72% (+1,68%)
Fear & Greed Index: 67 (Greed)


👉 Top Gainers

DigiByte [DGB] +8.87%
Synthetix Network [SNX] +5.58%
Quant [QNT] +4.62%

👉 Top Losers

Aragon [ANT] -10.70%
Crypto.com Coin [CRO] -10.60%
Polkadot [DOT] -8.02%

BTC Futures

Aggregated Volume — $23.56B
Aggregated Open Interest — $4.52B

👉 Derivatives Market Analytics

2.2K 05:18

The Latest Breaking News 📣

#1 Coinbase to launch crypto debit card in US for retail spending — link

#2 Crypto asset manager Bitwise hits $100 million milestone — link

#3 MicroStrategy CEO claims to personally hold $235 million worth of bitcoin — link

#4 Cambodia Central Bank launches Bakong blockchain payments system — link

#5 Malaysian Securities Commission issues revised digital asset guidelines — link

#6 Aave officially hands over governance keys to DeFi community — link

#7 Avanti becomes second crypto bank in US — link

👉 https://cryptorank.io/news

2.1K 05:47

Injective Partners with DIA to Expand its Decentralized Oracle Ecosystem

🔹With this collaboration, Injective will enable DIA to tap into a growing community of traders as Injective continues to introduce innovative cross-chain derivatives markets moving forward.

🔹This partnership will allow both companies to reach new audiences, scale effectively, and elevate DeFi users to new levels.

Details 👉 https://bit.ly/34Dc2rP

1.7K 07:30

Oasis ROSE Farming is Live For Deposits

🔹Participants of the ROSE Garden can now start depositing up to $2,000 in USDC or USDT to the ROSE Farm pool via CoinList.

🔹Deposits made before November 4th receive an additional 15% on their pro rata share of the allocation.

To participate 👉 https://coinlist.co/oasis

1.2K 09:19

KuCoin Listed Uquid Coin (UQC)

🔹KuCoin listed Uquid Coin (UQC) under the trading pairs of UQC/BTC and UQC/ETH. Trading has already started.

Uquid ecosystem is combined by "uquid card" + "uquid multiple coin wallet" + "uquid coins exchange platform" + "uquid social coin management fund" + "uquid coins shopping system" and "uquid bank" .

Details 👉 https://bit.ly/3kGy2aF

686 11:20

Bitcoin Fees Per Transaction Spiked by 185% in October

Since the beginning of October, Bitcoin fees per transaction have nearly tripled: $3.59 —> $10.24.

For the same period of time, Bitcoin total transaction fees also surged significantly (+136%): $1.09M —> $2.58M.

221 12:51