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Телеграм канал «Airdrops» @airdrops (4301 подписчик). Добавлен в каталог 15 Октября 2020. Категория Не определено. Открыть в: Telegram | в web версии | Ссылка в каталоге: https://tgram.me/airdrops | Телеграм ссылка: https://t.me/airdrops

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Airdrop: SpaceTravel (MAC Token)
Date: 01/05/20
Originating coin: Ethereum Network
Description: company offering military grade satellite and navigation for government and non-government entities. It strives to enable consumers to have an enhanced lifestyle experience by allowing them to explore places of interest, both in-door and out-door.

SpaceTravel features an innovative flagship app “BUBU,” which is powered by superior geospatial technology, blockchain and augmented reality (AR), BUBU is a a lifestyle app that enable users to navigate the best destination deals around them while enjoying an innovative gamefied reward experience.

More info: https://cryptogroups.com/airdropDetails?id=428
Submitted by: @myounas

4.9K 08:20

Airdrop Project: Chromia
Airdrop Link: https://www.blockzone.com/en_US/mto_detail-21

Task Breakdown
. Visit the Blockzone (Chromia) Airdrop Page.
2. Click on 'Participate' and register with your details.
3. Verify your mail.
4. Login and Complete your KYC.
5. Now go to this page, scroll down and enter your ERC20 wallet address then click on ‘Save’.
6. Click on ‘My Events’ and join the Chromia Airdrop.
7. Complete the mentioned tasks and earn up to $11 worth of CHR Tokens.
8. You can receive additional STPT tokens for staking!

Airdrop Link: https://www.blockzone.com/en_US/mto_detail-21

is a public relational blockchain platform developed by ChromaWay, conceived in response to the shortcomings of traditional blockchain development platforms and designed to enable a new generation of dapps to scale beyond what is currently possible.

5.0K 08:14

Airdrop: SpaceTravel X Biki Exchange Lucky Draw
Date: 20/05/20
Originating coin: Ethereum
Description: MAC Token is the native token of SpaceTravel ecosystem. It is already listed on IMO Exchange and Wallet and will be listed on Biki exchange on 25th of May 2020.
More info: https://cryptogroups.com/airdropDetails?id=433
Submitted by: @myounas

5.4K 15:05

Airdrop: OKEx Limited-Time Bonus!
Date: 06/06/20
Originating coin: OKB
Description: USDT is issued by Tether company.
More info: https://cryptogroups.com/airdropDetails?id=434
Submitted by: @NatewongChoeris

5.5K 06:55

Airdrop Project: Lava
Project Website: https://lava.money/

Task Breakdown
) Visit the Lava Airdrop Page.
2) Register with your details.
3) Verify your mail. (+0.10 LAVA)
4) You can claim 0.10 LAVA tokens after every 5 minutes.
5) Share your referral link and get 25% referral commission & 25% Lvl 2 referral commission.

Airdrop Link

Lava is Private, Scalable Money - A customized Proof of stake fork of Zcoin that will implement the novel Avalanche protocol to enable Mastercard and Visa level Transactions per second and 1-second settlement.

7.8K 12:20

Airdrop Project: OKEx
Project Website: https://www.okex.com/

Task Breakdown
) Create an account on the OKEx Exchange
2) Verify your mail and Complete your KYC (Level 2).
3) Visit the OKEx (Free Bitcoin) Airdrop Page
4) Click on 'Ready for daily mission'.
5) Complete 5 daily missions and earn free Bitcoin (Satoshi) every day.
6) You will get 400 satoshi once your friend completed the daily missions. You’ll both receive $10 in free Bitcoin when your friend buys $100 or more of crypto on first order in OKEx too!
7) For more information about the airdrop, visit this Official Post.

Airdrop Link

is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange allowing users to trade cryptos and fiat-backed tokens. OKEx also provides digital asset-based futures with multiple leverage choices. OKEx has also built a suite of algorithmic trading tools designed for the professional traders. Additional products include a wallet, vault, and a block explorer.

10.6K 10:43

Airdrop: Bmining
Date: 30/07/20
Originating coin: NA (3 USDT per first 10000 successful submission)
Description: As a proud member of the Bithumb Familly, Bmining provides professional PoW, PoC, PoS cloud mining services. At the same time, Bmining will provide users with fixed income products and hedging solutions, aiming to create a one-stop solution for users across the full spectrum.

More info: https://cryptogroups.com/airdropDetails?id=444
Submitted by: @donutsvpwo

6.8K 08:11

4.4K 10:57

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Zin card & Zin Pay – integrated payment solutions
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