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Телеграм канал «Amoled Black Theme» @abtheme (3978 подписчиков). Добавлен в каталог 15 Октября 2020. Категория Не определено. Открыть в: Telegram | в web версии | Ссылка в каталоге: https://tgram.me/abtheme | Телеграм ссылка: https://t.me/abtheme

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Pixel Blue-X made by @old_izayoi

22.7K 11:21

I've added a small gradient to Pixel Blue (https://tgram.me/addtheme/pixelblue), please try it and tell me what you think of it Telegram Pixel Blue

21.6K 15:47

So everyone, with the latest Telegram update (5.13) I did some cleanup work on all themes, changing/fixing the following things:
- Added gradients to most of the 1 color theme (You probably noticed by now on the most popular themes, if you didn't notice it, reapply the theme or wait for it to roll out)
- Names being too long to see which theme you're actually selecting
- "Send live location" text being the default green text (This always defaulted back to green so I don't know if this time it will be fixed for good or not)
- The schedule message button on some themes was fixed as it was either a faint red or the default color)

Even if it's still the new year's eve, I want to still wish a Happy new year (and decade) to everyone.
This channel grew a lot and it's thanks to you all!

I want to also take the chance to remind those who still did not download the app to do so, major updates are coming and those who are unaware, here you can see all past, present (and later 2020 even future!) themes. It's incredibly useful if you often switch themes or just want to see which themes I made, they are sorted for colors and app, both Telegram and TelegramX! Here's the play store page

Happy 2020! Google Play Amoled Black Theme Showcase - Apps on Google Play This app will allow any users to see, before applying, the themes made in the Amoled Black Theme's Telegram channel

25.7K 18:27

Telegram web redesign(?)
Based on the design of @RisingFire
For more info and how to try it: https://tgram.me/abthemebeta

15.3K 13:26

Rounded corners in Telegram Desktop?

8.5K 17:13

If anyone wants rounded corners in telegramDesktop, you can download the just released version from my github: https://github.com/Sventra/tdesktop

The only change to it is that corners pretty much everywhere are more rounded, from the large/small 6/3 to 10/8
I'm still unaware of a way to have this as a selectable slider, if anyone wants to help, just DM me or join the beta testing group GitHub Sventra/tdesktop Telegram Desktop messaging app. Contribute to Sventra/tdesktop development by creating an account on GitHub.

9.9K 11:41

Isn't the comments website too bright?
Here's the fix! https://github.com/Sventra/darkComments

9.0K 14:05